Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Classroom Web Presence

I regularly check out Jim Moulton's articles on Edutopia's Spiral Notebook. Recently he posted the following: The Classroom Web Page: A Must-Have in 2008.

In it Jim argues that having a classroom web presence is important. He gives 5 reasons . . . all good points. He also gives some good places to start, including Portaportal and Google Pages.

Jim recognizes that teachers are very busy people, so that finding a workable tool for developing this web presence is important. Elaborate tools such as Studywiz and Moodle offer many options . . . and in the hands of the right person can be just the ticket . . . but I will still argue that we have to look at ease-of-use.

There really is no longer a need to use powerful, but expensive, web editors such as Dreamweaver to meet the needs of the classroom. If this kind of tool is needed, free Kompozer will suffice. But why bother?

Beyond using the great tools Jim suggested, I would also suggest using the many other possibilities, such as blogs, wikis, google apps, and other online learning environments. With a bit of searching in this very large toolbox available to us now, we can customize our presence according to our own needs. The beauty in making blogs and/or wikis the classroom vehicle is that the teacher has the freedom to decide the level of read/write collaboration needed.

My three favorite classroom web presence tools are Blogger, Wikispaces & Portaportal. I know a math teacher in the Telstar School District who swears by NiceNet. Others use some of the bookmarking sites here.

What are your favorites? Thoughts?

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Telstar eMINTS Session: Audio

Today we will be having our official final session of the first custom eMINTS group at Telstar School District. Any participants who have not completed the 64 hour requirement may attend the Telstar eMINTSToo group sessions or do independent work with mentor collaboration.

Tonight's Essential Question: How can audio tools be used in classrooms?

Three common tools for creating audio projects will be introduced: GarageBand, Audacity, and Sound Studio.

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I've taken to doing laundry while listening to WDL. That's right after Prairie Home Companion and just before Car Talk on Sunday afternoon.

How are you multitasking while listening to Jeff & Dan's weekly program on education in Maine?

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