Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bus to D.C.

Gathering from all around the State at the Portsmouth Bus Terminal, we are on our way to NECC in Washington, D.C. with estimated arrival time early this evening.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Digital Images in the Classroom

by Olga LaPlante

Digital Images:

1) Sharing - Flickr, (wee planets, tutorial for creating wee planets), Picasa, other services
2) iPhoto and tutorials:
3) Editing images further:


ArtRage is an application that allows you to create digital images that resemble oil paintings, pastel, metallic and other effects. There is the free version and the full version that you may choose from. The picture below was created using this application.

To dowload, go here,


Given a range of relevant
statistical data sets, teachers will use some free and easy to use
tools to create mosaics that visually represent the importance of the
data found. Participants will share the mosaics and the math behind
each in an Internet forum/dropbox created for this event.
Review demo of how MacOSaiX (Mosaic for Mac) works. Final product depicts 615 hours of volunteering finishing every second, one hour is represented by one image in the mosaic.
Here is the link to the download.

Jigsaw Planet is a handy website that will create a jigsaw game from any photograph you upload to it. Once uploaded the jigsaw can be shared with others via a unique URL. You could link direct to it from your IWB flipchart.

Could be useful for lesson starter or plenary activities. Have fun! (from the WhiteBoard Blog)

Ideas and more information about images and their use

Powerful images to give your lessons punch

4) Where to find pictures: CreativeCommons, Google images, Stock Exchange, FlickrCC, etc.
5) Using images:


Maine Netbook Consortium Choice

The MNC has chosen the ASUS 1005HA-V for 1-1 deployment during the '09 - '10 school year.

More Info


Clarence Fisher: OS & Education

Margie Genereux on Graduation Ceremonies

Margie has a new website on which she shares thoughts and information with a focus on homeschooling, Maine adult education, and computer training. Her latest post, "Crossing the Line?", gives a point of view on graduation ceremonies which I must admit I share.

We seem to be in the minority.

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