Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who Creates National Standards and Why?

Stephen Krashen's response to the "Subject-Matter Groups Want Voice in Standards" in Education Week:
"Apparently, the subject matter organizations agree that spending billions developing national standards and national tests are a good idea, they are only upset that they have not been invited to join the party.

Apparently, they agree that our major priority in education is more precise and uniform measurement, that all children should know where they are "on every step of their educational trajectory" (Arne Duncan) in all subjects.

Apparently they agree that this assembly-line rigid approach is in tune with the way children learn.

Apparently, the leaders of our subject matter organizations have not spent much time with children, and are unfamiliar with the vast research literature that says this approach is all wrong."

Your thoughts?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to Back Up Stuff on Your MLTI Laptop

Barbara Greenstone has updated the handy-dandy MLTI Backup Guide for saving files when moving to a new MLTI laptop or image. Find it here: Web Notebook Version

Papermaking on the Androscoggin

My dad and all my uncles worked in the paper mills along the Androscoggin. Working in the paper mills during the summer allowed me and countless others to attend college. This is my heritage and a culture that I know well. For gaining a feeling for this world, I suggest reading Monica Wood's book, Ernie's Ark.

An excellent video summary of this life from Maine's Paper and Heritage Museum:

Maine's Paper and Heritage Museum


Paper Production @ LIM Resources

Excerpts from Ernie's Ark

Androscoggin River Watershed Council: Source to the Sea 2009