Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Partnership for 19th Century Skills"

Ever wonder who funds and is on the board of Partnership for 21st Century Skills?

Ever wonder when the major essential question of schooling became this:
"How do we create the schools America needs to remain competitive?"

Do you remember when the major goal was this:
"How do we create the schools America needs to create responsible citizens?

Diane Ravitch speaks to another side of learning at Common Core.

Susan Ohanian's take on this.

Also see earlier post: 22nd Century Learning

ACT - Professional Association for Citizenship Teaching (UK)

Featuring Hattie DeRaps

Hattie is an alternative education teacher at Mt. Blue High School. I discovered her work on Darlene Bassett's blog, Reflections on Meta-cognition - For Educators by Educators. Hattie makes great use of blogs, using them for professional development and as a tool for her students

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