Monday, October 20, 2008

URLS according to Dewey Decimal System

Just discovered this site this evening, thanks to Telstar Music Teacher, Tom Coolidge.

A Research Guide for Students by I. Lee.

Virtual Library of Useful URLS Arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification:

000-005 Computers / Reference
006-099 Computers / Reference
100 Philosophy / Psychology
200 Religion / Mythology
300-331 Social Sciences
332-337 Social Sciences
338-349 Social Sciences
350-369 Social Sciences
370-371 Social Sciences
372-399 Social Sciences
400 Language
500-539 Science / Math
540-599 Science / Math
600-628 Technology / Health / Business
629-699 Technology / Health / Business
700-779 Arts / Music / Sports
780-799 Arts / Music / Sports
800 Literature
900-919 History / Geography
920-940 History / Geography
941-999 History / Geography

WebQuests with TelstarToo

Wondering about WebQuests

Blogs in Portland Schools

For an example of school use of blogs, check out the Portland Public School Department Blog Server.

What makes blogging desirable for schools? See Joe Makley's post here.

Who else has some examples to share of blog use in Maine schools?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Maine Science Teachers

Wow . . . just discovered MSTA Web Online Home of the Maine Science Teacher's Association. It is full of excellent links and resources. Good stuff!

WDL: Episode 41 ACTEM MainEducation 08 Debrief

From the Ground Round in Augusta, a post-conference debrief of the ACTEM MainEd Conference by Jeff, Dan, and esteemed guests of Wicked Decent Learning. Show notes have some excellent links to happenings at the conference.