Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jeff Bailey's New Video Wiki

Jeff Bailey of Mountain Valley High School, formerly an English teacher, will be teaching video production and CAD this coming school year. Jeff's new wiki for his video classes is called MVHSvid and is growing quickly in resources. You might also check out Jeff's Wicked Decent Learning blog.

Additional Video Resources at LIMResources

RSU 10 Summer Learning & Technology Institute 2009

Once again I find myself at Mountain Valley High School for the annual summer institute. The first two days of the week are devoted to an array of half day and full day workshops on various topics. This now includes employees of the new RSU 10 which combines SAD#42, SAD#39, and SAD#21. I've been very impressed with how well the tech staff is doing in making this huge transition in infrastructure. It is a huge job that includes the addition of the MLTI high school laptop program in three separate high schools as well. RSU10 is indeed fortunate to have such a group of highly-skilled technical individuals, with wonderful people skills as well, to make the transition a reality.

My full-day offerings were:

FirstClass RWD
Organizing, Manipulating, and Using Images

These last two days are given to collaborative classroom projects that various teams proposed. Several of us have the job of wandering between groups, acting as resources in applying technology to curriculum goals.

I have done this institute for several years now and thoroughly enjoy the approach. The institute was initially seeded by competitive IID funds, but for the last 4 or 5 years has been funded from a variety sources. Teachers are paid for their summer work time and work in areas that they wish to become more proficient in helping kids to learn.


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