Sunday, August 12, 2007

Back-to-School Resources

I've always loved August. There is fullness to it that I don't feel any other time of year. There's always that native harvest of vegetables of every sort. But especially delightful is nature's orchestra of sound all around as I spend some time in the yard. Heady stuff.

For teachers, August also means preparation for new beginnings, an opportunity to reorganize and rethink approaches and methods. There's the anticipation of that very first meeting with new classes. Here are some online resources that might be helpful:

Back-to-School Resources
Classroom Environment Resources
Free & Inexpensive Software
New Teacher Resources

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diane-fhs said...

Jim, thanks for keeping this blog going post-conference. Great links! I just sent an e-mail to my Freeport High School colleagues summarizing the MLTI conference and sending them links to David Warlick's pages and this blog. Great resource: I appreciate your maintaining it!

Diane Whitmore