Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tobasco Sauce

I always thought my father was a bit crazy to be putting Tabasco sauce on just about everything he ate. What was the old man thinking? It was definitely not anything I would ever do!

But I fear it has happened: At age 59, I have become my father. It all started with those fresh cucumbers out of the garden. It has become a tradition for me to create the most incredible, mouth-watering delicacy about this time every year . . . the cucumber sandwich. My ultimate recipe had always included fresh bread, real butter, salt, pepper, a few drops of sesame oil, and of course, cucumbers. In the frenzy of creating this gastronomic delight, I found that there was no sesame oil to be found. Enter Tabasco sauce and the rest is history: I can no longer stay away from the stuff! There seems to be an exponential improvement in anything I put it on. What can I say? Dad wasn't quite as crazy as I thought he was!

The question: Is this behavior a result of nature or nurture? Does my genetic makeup create a biochemical predisposition that is creating this craving . . . or is there some social/psychological connection going on here? ;)


Ed Latham said...

Jim I fear it is the natural result of all of our aging process. As we get older most things get a little slower, and a little less sensational. Sounds get quieter, sights may become blurry, and of course tastes become more bland. I think it is part of every aging person to find some new "spice" as they grow older and Tobasco Sauce is certainly a fine flavor that can cut through the most advanced decay of taste buds.

Personally, I find I now can enjoy eating garlic raw by the whole clove. Years ago I could not nibble on such a pungent food. In my childhood, onions were so offensive , mostly because of how much flavor they offered to food. At my age now, well onions are a must in almost any dish. So I am curious, Jim, what will replace your tobasco sauce 10, 15, or 20 years down the road? I would suggest some authentic chili paste from an oriental market. Such a product lets you know, through each stage of digestion, just how pungent a taste it can have. Nature vs nurture? Nah, I don't care. I just make sure I know what the next level of my own personal evolution will need in order to spice up my life...and my taste buds. Happy eating my friend!

Jim Burke said...

So it's just old age, eh? If I reach 80 through some good fortune, you say I'm going to have to go the Southwestern chile route. Hmmmmmmm. So much for my attempt to raise the nature vs. nurture debate! Ed, you always know how bring me down to the realities! :)

Anyone else have a change in food preferences while aging? What, if anything, does this say about life-long learning?