Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Joys of Skype

Want a free download that allows computer-to-computer phone calls, chat, video, conferencing, and more? For a small fee you can add the ability to call regular phone numbers. If you don't have it yet, go here to download the Skype client. I would love to add "Learning in Maine" participants to my
Skype list. Very handy indeed.

My handle is adagio10. My email address is .


Who is already using Skype?

What wisdom can you share on that experience?

Skype Download


Kern Kelley said...

Hey Jim,
Here's a list of 50 Skype addons I found that might be handy.

Murem said...

Be sure to also check out the Evoca Skype Call Recorder to record class sessions, foreign language practice, and team meetings. Find more at: Keep talking!

Ed Latham said...

In one elementary school, teachers were frequently complaining that they never had time to get together and talk about work never mind plan together. The teachers were introduced to Skype as a communication tool and communication problems diminished substantially for many of the teachers. During the day if a teacher had a question of someone on another floor or in another building, they were able to simply leave them a skype. Very frequently the response time was within a few minutes. So much better than leaving a message in a mail box that the teacher may check before he or she goes home. Skype has many uses for students in the classrooms especially when thinking about kids connecting with others in the real world. Kids are not the only ones that can realize the benefits of connecting with other teachers around the state and world. Every person I know on skype has a contact list that is quite extensive. Therefore any question I ask of my skype buddies immediately has the potential of connecting with hundreds or thousands of resources for possible input. No longer does a teacher need to sit if frustration wishing there was someone to ask a question to or even just to unload some stress and vent. I think it would be great if educators would leave their Skype ID here so we may all increase our contact list with resources. If you choose to leave your Skype ID, please indicate grade/subjects you work with so that people have a better idea who they may be adding. Likewise, when you go to add someone new, it is proper protocol to let the other person know how you know them or where you heard about them. I personally never accept requests that do not provide information about where/how I may have met the person.

My Info:
Skype Name: Ohgeer
Teacher Role: I am the northern Maine Region 1a Trainer Mentor for the eMINTS Program (think tech integrator)

I hope I can gather more of those great resources out there that I know read this blog! Hope to hear from you soon.

Mary said...

I Skype. I have a brother in New Zealand. We Skype at least weekly. When we are having family parties, I drag the old MacBookPro and headphones down with me. My bother gets to see and hear every one including our honorable and ancient mother!! And she loves lovees loves seeing her first born. Skyping has become part of parties!!
My son spent the summer in Europe. We couldn't Skpe free very often but I bought international minutes. 12 bucks covered MANY calls.
Still, free access is best.
I TRY to get teachers that I am working on committees with but it hasn't happened yet.
One of my staff memnbers joined. he LOVES it!!