Friday, September 14, 2007

Literacy Across the Curriculum

Mountain Valley Middle School is involved in the Literacy Initiative of the Western Maine Educational Collaborative. Using the materials of Darlene M. Bassett, the good people in that school will be focusing on different reading strategies every month in all subject areas. This September the focus will be on text structures and text features. Along with the monthly school-wide emphasis, students will have the opportunity read books of their choice during designated times in the spirit of SSR, FRED, DEAR, etc.

Want to know more about this program? Check with new principal, Ryan Casey, at

Literacy Across the Curriculum
Book Report Resources

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George Crawford said...

Literacy is the fundamental part of the curriculum. Maine needs literacy across all aspects of schools and should be stressed. Middle school and high school students also need literacy skills integrated into teaching. These skills can greatly help students have a better understanding in their classroom. Literacy skills should also be a part of computers and the Internet in schools. Digital literacy should be a big part of schooling today.