Thursday, October 11, 2007

CAST - Universal Design for Learning at ACTEM Pre-Conference

I'm blogging from the CAST presentation. Fascinating! We are working through neural paths and strategies used that are dependent on a question asked about a visual. Aside: Check out MusicNotes Player software.

We are now looking at representations of 3-dimensional space in 2 dimensions. Hmmmmm. . .reminds me of SketchUp.

Point: Focus on strengths of students rather than their weaknesses.

Analyzing Visual . . . Multiple Ways

What is here?
Do you see this? Tracking.
What is happening here? Comes from within.

Multiple Means of Engagement, Marco Torres, FlickSchool

Remember the three Principles

Multiple Means of Expression to increase recognition
Multiple Means of Expression to expand strategic abilities
Multiple Means of Engagement to enhance involvement

Story written in 1902: Monkey's Paw. Vocabulary is an issue for students. How do we approach? Many methods of working on this are being presented.

Resources: “Be Careful What You Wish For” PowerPoint;
Supporting, Engaging and Enhancing Comprehension for Students in High School (SEEC)

Little Known Features of Microsoft Word
Read, Write, Think
Web 2.0 Tools: diigo and Voice Thread

Supporting Literacy: Transforming Text
Resources: FireFox w/ ClickSpeak
Supported Reading Software; Etext Resources on the Web Commercial Etext;
Audacity – Text to MP3
Audacity online tutorial:

CAST: Teaching every Student

CAST eText Resources (Word)

CAST Math Resources (Word)

Supporting High School Math: Representation, Expression & Engagement
Resources: Interactivate!

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