Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kindle or OLPC?

Here's the deal: You have just received a $400 certificate with the limitation that you can redeem it for either the Kindle or the OLPC laptop. Which would you choose?

Thank you to Barbara Greenstone for bringing up the discussion on books and the Kindle in an earlier post. Thinking about the difference in the experience in reading from the extremely long-lasting technology of the book to the portable digital version brings up a series of issues.

A number of people have not missed the point that the OLPC device and the Kindle can be had for the same price. The discussion that has ensued is fascinating. Check out these discussions:

The Future of Reading

Do Not Fold, Bend or Kindle

Think Macro . . .Kindle vs. XO

More on Kindle/OLPC

So . . . which would you buy?


Dima said...

OLPC of course :)

mrichme said...

Hands down OLPC! Not only do you get a device but to be able to donate one to a child who would never have one is something special.

bob mcIntire said...

OLPC. My order is in the mail!

Kern Kelley said...

and the winner is . . . OLPC.

Barbara Greenstone said...

As much as the Kindle interests me, it would have to be the OLPC for all the reasons others have mentioned.

Ron Smith said...

Setting aside the fact that you donate a device in the OLPC purchase, I would prefer the Kindle.

Joe Makley said...

Rural Maine doesn't have coverage for the Sprint Network. A Kindle wouldn't work at my house in West Paris. So OLPC for me unless Amazon adds wireless. I think at this stage I would still find a multi-purpose device more useful. I do as much writing as reading. I'm not looking for a "good read" as much as a good discussion. I'd have to carry the Kindle and another device. The screen looks good, though.