Friday, January 18, 2008


by Harold Shaw, Jr.

Jim kindly invited me to write on this forum, so I will quickly share my thoughts about being in school today. I took a picture out my classroom window and will add it later tonight.

Well another snow day for the rest of the local education world, yet here I am sitting at work, getting ready to greet the students after an hour delay. Not whining too much, but it sure would be nice to be sitting on the couch curled up with a good book looking out at the snow coming down, instead of driving in this morning. Oh well, I can think of what I will be doing after June 6, when they will still be going to school. tongue_out

It still amazes me the number vehicles that are off the road when I came in this morning. You would think by now that with all the nasty weather we have had that drivers would have the common sense to slow down. It is easy to go fast on a clear day, but attempting to go the same speed on a day like today??? Oh well, I guess they forget that it isn't the going, it is the stopping, turning and sudden accelerations that get you in trouble. I still like the piece of advice my father gave me about four-wheel drive -- "it just means you walk farther when you get stuck". Oh well, their problem not mine.

Well I am recovering well from that ladder ride I had. I re-joined my gym and ran on the treadmill for a mile -- really slow 9:35, but it seemed to help my hip a lot. Then I luxuriated in the sauna for 30:00 minutes, now I remember why I like the sauna so much. I sit there and sort of meditate or is it vegging, but it allows me to just wind down a little from the constant barrage of information, distraction and confusion that we are constantly subjected to in today's world.

I think we would all be better off if we took a 20-30 minute timeout from our lives and just simply let go.

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Jim Burke said...

It's great to have your private school perspective, Harold. Looking forward to more of your posts.