Wednesday, January 2, 2008

iMovie 8 and Atomic Learning

Okay, I'll admit that I had been putting off learning how to do iMovie 8 after looking at it briefly this fall. I had grown so accustomed to the earlier format which had been quite consistent through the iterations to this point. Now Apple has the audacity to plunk this foreign-looking application in front of me! But you know what . . . it ain't so bad. Since I'll be using iMovie 8 on the MLTI MacBooks to introduce movie-making to Vocational Region 9 - School of Applied Tech next Tuesday, I thought it just might make sense that I know what I'm doing before I do the workshop . . . so in comes Atomic Learning to the rescue!

Atomic learning is the only paid subscription I have on the web and well worth the $75 or so to renew each year. Now if I were a young whipper-snapper (what so many people insist on calling digital natives), I might just figure it out on the fly, but I'm afraid I feel a great deal more comfort in having this powerful set of video tutorials in my trunk of resources. So after shoveling out at my small rustic home in Western Maine this morning, I'm spending the afternoon with the convenient, high-quality, just-in-time learning that Atomic Learning provides. I'll view the instruction, play with the application a bit, and then create a project that will make me feel comfortable that I can teach it to others, knowing that I can always review the tutorials anytime that I missed something the first time.

This all makes me wonder why there is any need for programs/applications to be taught locally or at regional or state-wide workshops unless there is also a connection made with utilization and application to needs and issues. I, of course, do realize that we all have different learning styles and the power of learning something with others in the same room can be very motivating and satisfying. Building community is important. Working with others to come up with solutions to real problems is the essence . . . but there is a place for independent life-long learning as well, and increasingly, quality online resources are out there to serve that need.

Where do you suppose it is all leading? What will education look like in 20 years? Any predictions? Hopes?

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