Thursday, January 24, 2008

Online Web Applications for Young Children

I would like to start a list of well-implemented interactive online web applications for young children (pre-school/primary). Of course I've known about Starfall for several years and am aware that it is being used by many parents and teachers. Still highly recommended for helping children to learn some very basic skills. Last week I discovered Kindersay, which is simple yet very effective and user-friendly. Today I found myself very impressed with Kerpoof which Oxford Hills teacher, Richard Byrne, reviews in depth in his blog.

What others should be added to the list?

PrimaryGames (See Richard Bryne's review on his blog)


Mr. Byrne said... is a great resource which I'm writing a review of on my blog right now.

Jim Burke said...

Thanks, Richard . . I'll check it out.

Michael Richards said...


Here are a couple of my favorites,, GameGoo, BBC for Primary Grades,, Little Fingers Online Games. I hope this gives you a start. You can check out some more over at my portaportal page, use mrichme as the guest name.

Jim Burke said...

Thanks, Mike. I'll look them over this weekend. Hey, we are getting quite a list! :)