Saturday, March 8, 2008

Because Teachers Are Funny People

by Nicole Ouellette

From my favorite news source, The Onion:

UNIONTOWN, PA—Most educators view multiple-choice exams as an opportunity to couch the correct answer amidst three or four other plausible alternatives. Not so for Uniontown High School teacher Tom Campbell. Campbell, 47, who has taught freshman history at the school for the past 11 years, uses the popular test format not only to instruct but also to delight his students with his quirky sense of humor.

"What was the Great Awakening?" a question from one of Campbell's most recent tests reads. "(a) Coffee and a bagel, (b) The name given to FDR's evening radio addresses, (c) 'C'mon, Mom! Let me sleep five more minutes!' or (d) A dramatic religious revival in Anglo-American history."

"The answer is D," said Campbell, holding back a wry smile. "Giving them the option of 'Coffee and a bagel.' Get it?"

Read the entire "article" here...


Ed Latham said...

I love the onion! The videos are great fun although there are a few that people might find objectionable. The onion radio news is up to date and current with things going on in society. It gives us all a reason to giggle or look on the light side of events that seem to hog the prime news time in our country. Of course, some people just view it as nonsense, but I am sure British Comedies are also ridiculed by these same people.

How much do kids get exposed to satire? Do they have skills to understand it? Would activities involving satire help students creativity, writing, perspective and overall communication?

Monty Python said it best in one of their movies, "Always look on the bright, side, of life ... [catchy whistling solo here]" If you have not explored the Onion, it may be worth your time... or it may not :)

Nicole Ouellette said...

I think most Onion articles are acceptable for high school students. As you do before going to any web site, you just have to preview it first and send them to the right places on the site. Thanks for your comment, Ed.