Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ooops... Bailey in Beta...

by Jeff Bailey

I often try out new technologies, as most of you do as well and sometimes they go a little wacky. This evening I tried out a broadcasting tool called This tool is a lot like other online tools like ustream, operator11, or talkshoe. It lets you add video, slides, audio, titles, text, polls, and links to your broadcast and even has a live chat feature. The nice part about it was that it integrated with many sites like Blogger and Facebook to publish in multiple places at once or even broadcast it live to those services simultaneously. Well, being the brave technology explorer that I fancy myself to be, I tried posting it to my personal blog as a test. said it worked but I couldn't see it on my blog anywhere.

That's when it hit me... I posted to Learning in Maine's blog (which is actually first in my Blogger Dashboard). And sure enough, there was me on my webcam with my "test episode". For any of you who have an intrepid RSS reader, you may have gotten my ugly mug in your feed, but at least you have these links as my penance : )
Jeff Bailey


Jim Burke said...

Darn . . . missed the ugly mug!

kyte said...
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Marius said...


I assume you tried to embed your channel to blogger, right?

It should work with both, either the 'HTML code' or the direct embed (via ->Menu->Share)

Let me know if I can assist you.