Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cartoon Creation

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even more different said...

Hello Jim,

I just wanted to drop a quick line to tell you about our comics site, toonlet. We put an emphasis on character creation and customization. It's easy and fun (kids have seemed to enjoy it thus far!)

On toonlet, anyone can create their own art elements to use on the site. We have a link on our footer that'll let you download everything you need. The process was designed to be low-tech and accessible. In fact, our very first fan-made pack (Aodan8's Ninja Pack) was created by an eleven year old!

Feel free to check out the site, or take the toonlet tour:

Let us know what you think!

-Ian (from toonlet)

Jim Burke said...

Thanks for the lead, Ian! I'll check it out. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

Interactive web comics are a great way to engage and motivate students to learn.

If you're interested in creating comics online, check out Pixton - an award-winning website where you create comics without having to draw.

Design every aspect of your character, and move it into any pose you want. All you have to do is click-and-drag to change or reposition any part of it - the creative and artistic possibilities are endless!

Share with others, post to your blog or remix comics to add your own twist. Read comics in over 40 languages, with our automatic translation by Google. Language filters, privacy settings, and flagging mechanisms help preserve a safe online environment.

Try it out and let us know what you think. Sign-up is free!

Creator of Pixton - Interactive Web Comics