Monday, April 7, 2008

Social Art Workshop at Samoset - Spring Institute

by Olga LaPlante

I am sitting - and listening very carefully - to my presenters here at the Samoset - a beautiful day by the way - and am enjoying what I hear.

These two teachers - an arts teacher and a social studies teacher - work at the Thornton Academy Middle School, and have started this year to work together and create a curriculum to explore the overlap - which seems to be but natural, and omnipresent, in fact, I can't even imagine now that these are separate subjects! - and it sounds really really cool.

They did the 100 people project, and found that this brings amazing things to life - like meeting people in Southern Maine to interview and discover their lives especially the lives of immigrants and elderly.

They are doing the Trashion Show project now.
Human Footprint

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