Monday, April 14, 2008

TelstarToo Session: Wikis and Math

Today the participants of the TelstarToo PLC will be gathering resources for specific math skills and themes . . . and then adding them to a wiki resources page using LIM's Resources Wiki.

Maine Learning Results for Math

K12 Station Math Search
42eXplore Mathematics
Curriki for Math
Math from OER Commons
Math at LIM Resources
Custom Google Search for Math
Online Interactive Math Resources
Online Math Games
Problem Solving Strategies
Using Music with Math
Mathematics and Music
The Mathematical Magic of Music

Anyone else care to add a page relating to math?


Anonymous said...

I created a Wiki page on Touch Math. Jim gave us fun and useful info.

Anonymous said...

I have just created a wiki on wikispaces. It was fun and easy.

Anonymous said...

I liked making my wiki-now I finally know what everyone is talking about.

Mrs. Bennett said...

I created a wiki page called Math in music on Jim's Wiki:

I also created my own Wiki called:

Anonymous said...

Today's class involved making and/or using wiki spaces. Jim had us working on his wiki spaces finding links to add to a math topic of our own interest. I picked beginning fractions, since I need to teach that once we return from vacation. I was pleased that I found links that I could use right when we return. Jim helped us set up our own wiki pages, but I'm not sure how I will use mine yet.

Anonymous said...

I picked up a few more great tools for the classroom, got an awesome Wikis account but still don't have the t-Shirt.