Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How Groups Work

I was reflecting on the nature of groups last night and found these sites to be helpful in better understanding group dynamics.

Group Dynamics: Basic Nature of Groups
Groups That Work
A Guide to Group Work
Small Group Dynamics: Groupthink
Wikipedia: Groupthink
Team Building at LIM Resources
Process Skills at LIM Resources

What are ways of making groups work better?

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Ed Latham said...

by Ed Latham

I spent a good chunk of time looking over the materials presented in the links you offer Jim and I have to thank you. I was always aware of how individuals worked or did not work well in informal groups and I was aware there were differences in how formal groups operated, but until I had read through many of the resources posted, I really was not aware so many differences exist. Formal groups really do talk a different language and have different concentrations than informal groups and knowing more about both groups has helped to set my mind up to handle the ever evolving educational landscape.

I have always proposed that every person can learn so much from any other person. It should be no surprise to me that groups may have a harder time adopting that philosophy, but I have been very ignorant that there were different group structures that have to maintain habits and mentalities in order for those types of groups to function well. If someone were to find themselves involved in both types of groups (informal and formal), I think the links provided are excellent reference materials and should be read by anyone that may ever question why other may do what they do.

There has been a push lately to get schools and students to expand their classrooms and work more with the "real world". Teachers may do well to learn more about group structures that may be out there and how to best prepare students to work with those other types of groups that may have different mannerisms than the students are used to.