Saturday, September 6, 2008

Maps Across the Curriculum

Maine teacher, Richard Byrne, shares the availability of online mapping tools on his recent podcast, "Maps, Not Just for Social Studies Anymore."

For those with MLTI laptops, also check out the My World GIS program located on the dock of your desktop. Phil Brookhouse has a Noteshare notebook explaining its application and how to use it at the ACTEM Noteshare Server. At the ACTEM pre-conference of MainEducation 2008, Jim Wells and Phil will be showing us the many possibilities of My World.

Do we really need the static maps found in a textbook any longer?

Additional Resources:

Map Resources at LIM Resources Wiki (Feel free to add to, delete, modify, etc.)

Tools for Learning Workshop: " Mapping & the Internet "

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Dave said...

You don't need textbooks anymore, period.