Thursday, November 27, 2008

Teaching & Learning at iTunes U

Olga LaPlante's Podcasts at iTunes U . . .

Social Networking
Algebraic Skills
Fun with Physics

Jeff & Dan's Wicked Decent Learning podcasts at iTunes (note the opportunity to subscribe)

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Gee, Jim! Thanks for the promotion!:)
I would like to comment on the podcast production - I occasionally listen to podcasts from something like BLC, (Alan November), and I find that a presentation without good performance is lost on the listener, unless you are the very attentive kind who can sit still for a long time (without dozing off!). So, the passionate performance makes it more animated, more exciting, and captures attention. That's why those guys at Wicked Decent Learning have a conversation, not a lecture (now, can you map it against your teaching style? Do you lecture a lot? Are you passionate when you do it? If not, you might consider other ways of "delivering the content". Seriously.). So, what I am trying to say is this - get your students talking, have a discussion (better yet, if students are comfortable with the fact that the mic is on), and this will be the hit! Not that popularity is a great measure, but it does help send a message to more people.
Check out the iTunes U from Maine!