Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pros & Cons of Twitter

Twitter - What are you doing?

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Essential Question: What is the upside and downside of Twitter?

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Essential Question: What do we gain and lose from using Twitter?

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Dave said...

Jim -

I've got to admit. Regarding Twitter, I simply "don't get it ". It seems cultish to me.

Perhaps I live a simple lifestyle, but I truly don't care to let people know what I had for lunch, that I had a flat tire on the way to work, or any other daily nuance. And I certainly don't want to follow others that do. Call me anti-social if you must :)

I keep trying to understand this twitter thing, and still shake my head. I keep reading rave reviews of its potential use by small business techie Rich Brooks of Flyte Media (, but just don't see where it would work in my life. In particular, I don't DO texting with my existing phone. Too much of a hassle, and much easier to call. I find it annoying and rude when I'm out with a friend and they start texting. And the character limit just seems to make the messages more a nuisance than valuable.

I like to think I'm technologically savvy, but I'll pass on this one.

I have, however, started using LinkedIn ( to organize my business contacts. It is an excellent way to stay in touch and expand your knowledge/professional network.

Jim Burke said...

I hear you, Dave. ;)