Sunday, December 21, 2008

Will I Succumb to High Tech Reading?

by Becky Ranks

I tend to be an Oprah follower. I read her magazine, buy some of her recommended products, and read some of, but not all of her book choices. I actually even take some of her advice, and I find myself even more aware of the needs of people less fortunate as a result. Well, about a month ago Oprah came out with the ultimate recommendation...she actually blessed a piece of high tech equipment with her golden touch. That equipment is the Kindle. The Kindle is a wireless reading device unlike any other device on the market. It uses cell phone technology that enables you to buy books and newspapers from anywhere you might be. It has an electronic paper display that provides a sharp, high resolution screen that reads like real paper. It holds up to 200 books and has a long battery life. Everyone who owns one seems to love it and they claim it has changed the way they read. It is so wildly popular that you have to get in line on the Amazon site to purchase one. They sold out before December on Amazon. I am teetering on the brink of Kindle ownership. I am a reader. I love to read and read all kinds of different things. I am reading Twilight at the moment, but I may be reading a biography in the next moment or a thriller after that. I just finished reading The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, an Oprah book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I might want a Kindle. The operative words are "think" and "might". I still love the touch and the feel of a real book. I love turning the pages and placing my Harry Potter bookmark in the crease when I put the book down. I love the smell of a book. I love the way it feels in my hands as I escape on whatever journey it takes me on. I might want a Kindle, but I am not sure. Reading is reading isn't it? Or is it? I would love to know if kindle owners regret their decision. Are there a lot of Kindles on eBay? That might tell me something. I love technology and new gadgets, but I am not sure if this new gadget will rob me of that real reading experience that I cherish. Is there anyone out there who has succumbed that might offer some advice?


Ron Smith said...


Just this morning, my daughter was talking about saving up for a Kindle - (When she saw the price tag, she said,"Well maybe I'll just buy a regular book"). From reviews I've read, they provide a far better experience than reading from a computer screen.

I recently read an interesting article somewhat related to your post:
"Storybooks On Paper Better For Children Than Reading Fiction On Computer Screen, According to Expert"

digimom said...

I got a Kindle this fall after my niece made me jealous because she had one and I did not! I love that thing. It is so much easier to take with on a trip or even to the gym. It sits on the lip of the tread mill and doesn't need to be held so the pages won't turn. Just tap the "next page" button and keep reading! I never red just one book at a time either, so I can have all of them at my fingertips! it is worth every penny I spent!

Kern Kelley said...

Before I'd spend the $, you might want to try an iTouch with Stanza installed. Not exactly the same thing, but it offers more features than just a book reader IMHO.