Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Unofficial National Celebration

Many folks are multi-tasking at work today as they watch streaming video such as the CNN/Facebook collaboration.

Guide to Inaugural Events


Ron Smith said...

Just heard of a strange incident at a local school. Apparently a parent called the school, angered that they were planning on watching the swearing in & speech. (Guessing they voted for McCain.) The principal replied that the student could be excused from watching, to which the parent became upset that their child would be singled out!
The saddest part was the principal responded by deciding to have the school not watch at all...

Ed Latham said...

Ron, that is just horrible! I can not believe such ignorance is still present in our society!!!!

I just watched the whole process on CNN & Facebook and it was awesome to listen and watch while reading the comments from others. Sure there were comments that I personally disagreed with but just to see the diversity of feelings and comments was incredible! I was highly pumped up and hopeful after listening in and watching this process. I was not eager to even catch the sound bites of this process and even told Olga this morning that I was not interested in watching. I am not sure if it was something Olga said in reply or if it was just curiosity getting the better of me but I did sit down to watch. I am so happy I did!

I am very inspired by the speech but remain a bit anxious to see the high expectations and hope realized in the next few years. Congratulations America, I am very hopeful that positive historic changes began today.

Diane Whitmore said...

Replying to the last sentence of Ron Smith's comment, regarding the principal deciding not to allow the students to watch the inauguration: am I to understand that a complaint by ONE parent deprived the WHOLE school of witnessing history being made? It's probably a good thing Ron didn't identify the school ... What a cowardly response.