Friday, March 6, 2009

Image Power

Wow . . .you need to check this out. Maine's own, Sharon Betts, just blogged about Time Space: World on Sharon's Share blog. This is yet another powerful, yet simple to use, online tool to make connections with photos and events. Along with one of my favorite tools, Cooliris (formerly PicLens), it is easy to scan the planet for that needed image. Just think of the possibilities!

There is an embedded version of Cooliris below, but to gain the full power of its capabilities, a browser plugin needs to be downloaded here.

Additional Photo Resources at the LIM Wiki


Sarah Sutter said...

Jim - Thanks for putting the CoolIris embed in your blog. I've been using cooliris as a firefox add on for a while, but didn't realize I could embed a wall of images from a specific flickr set! We now have one on the front page of the WHS website. What a great way to share and update pictures! It was fast and easy to do. Thanks again. -- Sarah

Jim Burke said...

I visited your Wiscaset High School page . . . . neat, Sarah!