Thursday, March 19, 2009

Inquiry Based Science Lesson: Bangor 3-20-09

by Ron Smith

Session Link:

Google Sites Web Page

Response Question:

You have now performed an inquiry-based activity and explored information about inquiry-based learning in science.

What do you think makes a lesson inquiry based?
What can you change in the science activities you do with a class to move them from closed to directed to open inquiry?

Make a list of criteria important to include in an inquiry-based science activity.


Anonymous said...

i like to let kids explore concepts and discover ideas and pose their own questions. I do believe that students learn more, remember more and connect new learning to other concepts more easily. They engage in learning if they feel part of the process and not just bystanders. I liked this class session. It is a needed reminder of what we all know is best for students.

Anonymous said...

A lot of what we learn in our life outside of school is learned through an inquiry based system. It seems logical and practical to transfer that learning techniques to the classroom. Our biggest problem is that we are required to cover a certain curriculum with little time to adjust to the generally longer process of inquiry. I wish we could cover fewer areas in more depth allowing for inquiry based learning and more than just superficial knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Inquiry in my classroom is setting up opportunities for my students to explore/experiment to find answers to a question. It is as much about the process as it is an answer. Today we need to engage kids and help them learn problem solving skills. Moving my classroom to more guided inquiry involves allowing students to generate questions for testing.