Friday, March 27, 2009

Shayna Malyata

On Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting and working awhile with Shayna Malyata of Lewiston Middle School. It became immediately clear that she believes in connecting personally with students and finding ways to engage them in the learning process. As part of her work, we spent a few minutes looking at iMovie. Shayna already had an educational purpose and raw footage available. She only desired a crash course in editing . . . which is what we did. In my line of work as an integrator, that sequence is ideal: Just-in-time learning with a reason in mind for using a tool. See Grappling's Technology & Learning Spectrum.

Check out the links below to some of Shayna's work:

Kavango Connection

Lewiston Middle School Civil Rights Team

Memoirs for Change: The Lewiston-Auburn Memoirs Project (LAMP)

Memoirs for Change

Storytellers for Peace

Sun Journal: "LMS Students Share Stories As They Write Memoirs"

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