Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Arne Duncan on $100 Billion for Education



Not very impressed with the directions - very impressed with the size of the stimulus, I had no idea.
Now partly, saving the jobs seems more like an economic help vs doing right by children. By no means I want to encourage cuts; I just want to say that the priority should be on making the educational system better, provided it's possible, as there are some thoughts out there that this system needs to be dismantled, and a new one should be established.
Tracking each child is also a red flag to me. Sounds like more of NLCB, more assessments which tend to be overdone.
Like that line, "spending every taxpayers' dollar wisely", but is it THE wise thing to do, establish more control and become inundated with data?
Thanks, Jim, for posting here this video.
Do you sometimes wish that someone like Will Richardson were head of the department?

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