Monday, October 12, 2009

Should We Cut School Days?

Augusta Insider: "Cutting School Days?"

The Maine View: "Should Maine Cut School Days to Cut Costs?"

Research Brief: A Review of the Evidence on the Four-Day School Week ~Silvernail & Donis-Keller, January 2009

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Joe Makley said...

The fact that this is controversial shows that the expectations are not about learning, but about custodial care of the kids. When spouses began to work, the school was left as the only place for children to be. The school schedule is an expedient of the system; it isn't based on learning. Society expects us to provide a safe, productive place for the kids five days a week, and preferably from 7 AM until 6PM or maybe later if they work a different shift. This custodial responsibility can be accepted by the schools, but should be defined separately from learning, which does not depend on the group pace, and is often thwarted by it.