Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Story of Stuff



Hey, looks like Jim is recycling his old posts - and I love it! I am so glad this was brought up again! Love the movie, and could use a reminder anyhow. Would it be more appropriate before Xmas? Are you one of those people who feel extremely uncomfortable about buying presents (Ever read "Scrooginomics"? One of many books to discourage senseless spending) and also just as uncomfortable about feeling the day of or after Xmas? (Say your children exchange their accounts of Xmas loot with neighbors, or much worse and much more popular - on Facebook). How do we deal with the concept that less is more in so many ways? A nation of consumers is a scary vision - glad it has gone bust. Think twice before you support efforts to stimulate spending - what for? Less consumption, more family time, less TV, more outdoors is what we really need. Annie did a great job presenting all this.
PS. Also can be used as a great example of a movie with a message when you are embracing a video project with your students.

Jim Burke said...

Gosh, Olga, you are right. I had forgotten that I had already post this! :) But your questions are important . . . thank you. :)

From now on, you are my official MEMORY!