Monday, February 1, 2010

February MLTI Webinars

The schedule and registration for February 2010 webinars are now available. Please forward, print, blog, twitter, etc and share this information with as many co-workers as possible.

February 2010 Webcast Schedule

February 2 - Navigating the Real World II
February 4 - Making Meaning: Presenting Reality – Tools to analyze data.
February 11 - Research Process: Structuring a Research Project – using tools online and on the MLTI laptop to plan, organize and carry out research projects.
February 25 - Writing Process: Drafting, Revising, and Editing (lots of tools and resources to talk about here as well as techniques and strategies).

Navigating the Real World II (February 2nd)

In partnership with Wri2me (What's Really Important to ME), MLTI is hosting a webinar titled Navigating the Real World. Navigating the Real World is a printed annual publication that will be distributed in late April to all Maine high school students and many 8th graders as well. At its companion web site,, you can view a substantial number of interviews. In this webinar you will learn how you and your students can use the site as a resource. You will also learn how your students can do interviews and post them at for the benefit of others and as a resource for the printed annual. We want their help to gather the stories from a broad range of Maine people.

Presenting Reality: Tools to Analyze Data (February 4th) Facilitated by Phil Brookhouse

Data exists in many forms. In the classroom, students come in contact with data and we try to provide opportunities for them to construct meaning from all that data. In this webinar, we will look at some fundamental principles behind data and technology integration. An overview of data entry, data manipulation and data analysis will be provided by looking at spreadsheets, probeware, and databases in the framework of learning. As in other webinars in this series, we will look at “why to” rather than “how to,” and examine some of the philosophy behind the way we use the technology.

Registration Information

Regularly scheduled webcasts are held each Thursday at both 3:15 pm and 7:15 pm (with the exception of Navigating the Real World, which is Tuesday February 2nd). To learn more about these webcasts, please visit:

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