Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Learning in the Valley

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity of spending two days in the St. John Valley of Maine. The specific purpose was the St. John Valley Technology Training where I worked with fellow regional mentors and participants from around the region on looking at ways of making technology work for us in classrooms.

I loved it there. Very down-to-earth and caring people everywhere. I learned that in Fort Kent, Les Miserable had just been produced and performed by a collaboration of the University and local high school. I learned about Ployes and had an opportunity to savor this delicacy at a local restaurant. I also visited Ed Latham's solar home on the outskirts of Frenchville to gain a better understanding of the challenges of making choices which leave a small footprint on the earth's limited resources and eco-system.

We met at Wisdom Middle/High School in St. Agatha for the workshops. Students were spending the day in Fort Kent for a school-wide wellness day. Watching students enthusiastically head out and then return later in the day warmed the heart. Teachers from around the region gathered to investigate the possibilities that computer technology offers in helping in meeting classroom goals. Again, there was an ever-present atmosphere of openness and enthusiasm. Loved it.

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Becky Ranks said...

What a nice testament to a wonderful day in St Agatha. This part of Maine is so unique and different from the rest of Maine, and not enough Mainers venture that far north to get an appreciation for the beauty and serenity of the St John River Valley. Thanks Jim.