Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Special Needs Debate in the UK: Right or Wrong?

 by Olga LaPlante

Having taken the Addressing the Needs of Exceptional Students in a Regular Classroom course this summer - which was great! - I am more attuned to the topic.

This article from BBC once again touches upon the special needs issue, which may or may not resemble the case in this country.

Interesting that the article should mention that it's all about good teaching, regardless of how diverse your students are, and that it's teaching all, not just the top or the middle, which is much easier, but not good enough. It appeared to be nearly a consensus that, severe cases excluded, good teaching means addressing needs of all students in the process. Remarkably, project-based, collaborative and inquiry-based learning may just be the answer.

Please read the article here and offer your comments.

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