Saturday, October 6, 2007

School Discipline

"Restorative approaches to discipline, rather than punitive, deal more effectively with student misbehavior by encouraging students to take responsibility for their actions and find ways to 'make things right' with those they have harmed, according to conference organizers. Restorative discipline empowers students to be accountable for their actions in a school environment that is caring and responsive."
I'd like to thank Ernie Easter from the New Sweden School for bringing the following conference to my attention:

Transforming School Discipline: ‘Restorative Justice’ Conference on Nov. 28 - 30, 2007, in South Portland.

Wikipedia: Restorative Justice
Belinda Hopkins: Transforming Conflict
Belinda Hopkins: Restorative Justice Consortium

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What are your thoughts on school discipline?

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Laura Richter said...

In response to classroom of the best books I have read on this topic is called, Dicipline with Dignity by Alan Mendler. Once students feel invested and respected, I find that behavior issues are few and far between. A classroom environment where differnciation and respect for individual learning style is in place is a place where far fewer discipline issues arise. Another critical piece that I have experienced is student voice ...when daily class meetings occur where students are able to express themselves and be heard by others, a much more peaceful routine follows.