Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dentistry, Car Maintenance and Online Work

I am sitting in a dentist chair as I write this. The other day I was doing my online work at Rowe Hyundai in Auburn as they changed the oil in my car. When I work late into the evening I can drop into the Market Square Restaurant for a bite to eat and borrow bandwidth, if needed, from the South Paris Public Library across the street. Very quickly access is almost to be expected in public spaces. Hotspots are increasing at a rapid rate, even up in the Western foothills of Maine.

What are your favorite WiFi hotspots in Maine?

Maine WiFi HotSpots Directory
Wifi 411

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Sarah Sutter said...

My favorite are the coffee shops with comfy chairs and free wifi. Cafe Creme in Bath, Little Dog in Brunswick are great spots. O'Naturals in Portland and Falmouth , Panera in Augusta (great lunch spots) and the VIP in Topsham has access while my car gets fixed! It's all about multi-tasking.