Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Late Arrival Model for PLCs

Two of the school systems with which I work, MSAD#43 Mountain Valley and MSAD#21 Dirigo, have late-arrival days every Wednesday. In other words, students come to school an hour later than usual and educators have valuable time when they are fresh for pursuing professional development. My opinion: It works very well! I know it is well-spent time at Mountain Valley and Dirigo, at the very least. I highly recommend it for ongoing PLC work. Teachers have an opportunity to share leadership roles to develop skills and understandings in a variety of areas. Mountain Valley Middle School is focusing on literacy and school climate and culture. Dirigo Middle School is focusing on literacy and a variety of other areas.

To me, this is a vast improvement over full day teacher workshops where some keynote speaker or presenter is imported to "talk at" the staff. One of the problems with the full day workshops is that it is not ongoing. And for some odd reason, from my observation, the early arrival time is usually much better organized due to the sharing of responsibilies and the awareness of time limitations. After all, the kids will be arriving in an hour. It just tends to focus attention better and make for a more efficient agenda.

Any other systems doing something similar? What do you think? Is there a downside?

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Martha Thibodeau said...

One of the districts that I am working with has coverage for the teams I am working with in the morning, the eighth grade one day and the seventh grade the next day. We end up having an hour and a half, if everyone shows up on time.

This is a small school, and this model is new to them this year, and is only short term. The teachers were told they have to do this, not given much choice about time, but I have given them some choice as to the content.

Although they are engaged and interested when we get going, we have yet to start at the given time. They wander in and one at a time and I don't know how to get them there on time. Any suggestions?