Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Noteshare Reprise

I worked with two 8th grade language arts classes Monday morning on the basics of Noteshare in my quest for Oxford Hills Middle School teachers and students to understand the power of this MLTI laptop application. We downloaded Barbara Greenstone's "Reading Journal" at the ACTEM Noteshare Server < noteshare.actem.org > using the Noteshare share menu and shared it on the network. I'm always amazed at how quickly students catch on to the utility of this versatile tool. The sessions culminated with students setting up classroom vocabulary notebooks. Sure wish I had more time to devote to Noteshare.

Any other happenings with Noteshare out there?

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Barbara Greenstone said...

Jim, it's good to know that those notebooks are being used. My hope is that people will take them and personalize them - add things or delete things or change things to make them work. I feel like I'm creating things like the Reading Journal in a vacuum. Because I don't work in a school anymore, I have to rely on my past experience as a middle school teacher to guess at what might be useful. Then I just hope that someone will try them with real kids and let me know how they work. I'd love to hear feedback from teachers and kids.