Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another Handy Tool from Google

I just discovered another handy tool from Google that seems to be a very user-friendly way of working with groups. It is called Google Sites and is of the wiki persuasion. Feel free to play with the one I set up here. What do you think?

* Oops . . . it appears that an invite needs to be extended in order to edit although viewing can be private or public. Thanks for the heads-up, Sarah Sutter.


Sarah Sutter said...

Jim - Do you have to join a group or get permission to edit the Google Site? I didn't see a way to leave a comment there. Looks like another great Google tool, though. --Sarah

Jim Burke said...

Hmmmmmm. . . I see what you mean, Sarah. I should have checked it out. Apparently there is no open edit . . . only those invited can edit . . . but it is set so everyone can view.

Appreciate the feedback. I'll send you an invite! :)