Friday, May 23, 2008

K -12 Education Jobs in Maine

A list of places to search for education positions in Maine. Any others that should be added to the list? Serving Schools
Info Maine - Maine Teaching Jobs
Maine Department of Education - Jobs

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Ed Latham said...

by Ed Latham

Jim, Great minds think alike. I woke this morning thinking about the teacher job market.

Word is, that around the country, there is an expected teacher shortage in most every state especially in math and science. I guess that does not apply in Maine as I read up on the news clippings that Nancy Hudack shares with me in email. She offers this link for those looking to keep up with news around the state pertaining to education.

Reading reports all over Maine about school systems having to cut teachers due to budget concerns leaves me with many thoughts.

Having gone through the cutting process personally, I know there will be a good number of teachers out there this year looking for work and I would like to offer an emotional pat on the back to let them all know that things tend to work out in the long run even if they don't appear to at first.

What are the implications with so many teachers out of work this year with so many systems feeling extreme budget cuts. Will there be a huge exodus from Maine of quality teachers? Will other quality teachers from away change plans and look to other states and other opportunities?

What about students now having even larger classes or missing out on options because of the cuts? Maybe it is a good thing to trim options back to "core" subjects?

So many thoughts and questions flowing through my mind on this subject. The adults have to worry that Maine may not be a teacher friendly place to get a job while the kids will be dealing with reorganization of systems and reductions in teachers. Seems like a ton of changes for students.

I wonder what students perceive or think. On the surface, some will be cheering that "dumb teacher" getting the axe, but what are their reactions when they see the results the next year? Do they have a forum for sharing those thoughts with the public? I know we don't let them chat/email/communicate with anyone other than whom the teacher allows, but maybe at home there might be a community where students can post thoughts/feelings and experiences dealing with changes in education from year to year. Does anyone know of a forum set up already for students to share their thoughts and experiences? It sure would be a great read and maybe teachers, parents and policy holders might learn a whole lot more about education from the other side of the desk. Maybe it will be much of the same when we were kids sitting in those desks? Right now, do we even know if there is a difference in feelings or perceptions from the student point of view compared to when we were students? I am constantly talking about school experiences with my boys at home and in the community social events I do with teens. I suspect many of the feelings are the same as when I was a kid, but there are differences. What are they? Hmmm guess we really do need that forum for students to publicly share that information, don't we?