Thursday, May 29, 2008

Digital Video - Getting the Word Out

by Dave Perloff

Thanks for your post, and your encouragement regarding our foundation's work. We've had excellent adoption of by key Maine technology integrators, including David Grant, Laura Richter and Bob Sprankle, but it's been challenging to get the word out more generally. "Learning in Maine" is certainly one avenue for addressing that.

Jay Charette at Madawaska Middle School has been especially active in using our approach to digital video. His work was cited in the article written about Fast Track Grants in the current ACTEM news letter (p. 5, Perhaps you could encourage Jay ( to contribute a post concerning his "Step Up Day" video project, which is now on-line at .

Recently, I've been focusing on the use of the media player for accessing and archiving audio podcasts. Check out the following link for examples:

This page provides instant access to more than 250 audio tracks. All of the .mp3 files reside on their own servers. They can be downloaded by clicking on the symbols at the right of the playlist item.

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