Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Academy for Powerful Literacy Learning

Today and tomorrow I'm part of a wonderful group of educators from Mt. Abrams and Mt. Valley School Districts at the Granary in Farmington. This is an opportunity for leaders in these districts to look at data, culture, and strategies in order to enhance learning in their respective schools. This time is being sponsored by the Western Maine Educational Collaborative under the leadership of Mona Baker. Gloria Jenkins and Matt Gilbert gave a review of their experience at Mt. Valley High School. George Tucker of DOE gave an overview of the CIPS structure and strategies. We then listed issues of leadership and culture that came to mind and are sorting them in an activity called affinity.

This afternoon Darlene and I reviewed a strategy for summarization and sharing some straightforward digital methods of using the same strategy. Sometimes the simplest of tools end up being the most powerful. We looked at sticky notes, preview, and the ability of the Mac to turn just about anything into a pdf, and then practiced using these in the summarization strategy.

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