Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mac Swiss Army Knife

I've always been a fan of the MacGyver series and the Red Green Show. Although different in many regards, in each, solutions are created using the simplest of materials. Enter the Mac. There are three simple, straightforward functions of the Mac computer that I think everyone should know. With these "household" items many problems can be easily solved. They are part of the Mac "Swiss Army Knife."

My list: PDF creation, Stickies & Preview. Feel free to add your own.

1. Everyone should know that PDFs can be created of almost anything on a Mac using this method.

2. Everyone should know the incredible possibilities and deceptive power of the onboard sticky note feature. Don't just casually look 'em over, but do check the help menu for these gems to see the handy-dandy functionality of Stickies.

3. Everyone should know the handy annotation features as well as many other functions of Preview.

What else?


Mr. Byrne said...

The Apple+Shift+4 combination is useful for taking a screen capture with a Mac. The image is saved as a png file. I use that trick at least five times a day.

Jim Burke said...

I agree, Richard, cropped screen shots should definitely be added to the list! I'm a heavy user as well. For one thing, you can grab anything that won't give itself up in any other way. For another, the file size ends up being very small and quite adequate for online purposes.