Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mountain Valley Summer Technology Institute 2008

Once again Mountain Valley Schools in cooperation with Dirigo and Region 9 Schools are involved for 4 days in an annual institute with a large number of sessions that look at connecting technology with classroom and school goals. The final two days will will focus particularly on teacher collaboration on team and district needs.

On Monday I will be leading a workshop on FirstClass Rapid Web Designer, a tool that makes web creation almost as easy as writing an email, a vast improvement over last year's struggle with Dreamweaver. The agenda is located here.

On Tuesday I will be working with teachers on Organizing, Manipulating, and Using Images in the classroom. We'll start with iPhoto and expand from there. Find the agenda here.

Other opportunities:

Blogging with Mike Nolette
Case-e II with Jan Bordeau
Digital Storytelling with Eileen Broderick
Kidspiration with Eileen Broderick
NeoOffice with Sarah Irish
NetSmartz with Amy Ryder
Research Strategies with Amy Ryder
iMovie with Jeff Bailey
iWork with Ben Bridges
iWeb with Nick Waugh
MS Office with Jeff Bailey
Smartboards, Monitors and LCD's with Jeff Bailey and Andrea York
Universal Design for Learning with Dan Ryder
Wiki/Web 2.0 with Mike Nolette
United Streaming with Mary Gamble
Podcasting with Nick Waugh
Grant Writing with Gloria Jenkins
And many additional collaborative projects . . .


SJ said...

Look forward to catching up with you on Monday Jim!

Jim Burke said...

Do lunch? ;) Sarah . . does Ben Bridges still have a blog? I had seen it before, but couldn't find it today.