Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

Bloom's Revised Taxonomy

Educational Origami: Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

PDF: Bloom's Digital Taxonomy
~ Andrew Churches

Bloom's Taxonomy at LIM Resources


RS Lvoe said...

typo in Bloom's chart

Jim Burke said...

Realize that this chart was created in New Zealand. Those non-Americans have a strange way of spelling words differently than we do. Thus, instead of analyzing, they use analysing, and, can you believe it, the dictionary says that it is okay.


RS Love said...

My brain is showing American bias. Thanks for the source note. Google needs to be updated too. :-)

Andrew Churches said...

Hi Jim,
Apologies for the New Zealand-isms and the non american spellings.
Glad that your dictionary recognised and accepted the spelling though.