Monday, May 11, 2009


The Story of Stuff

Worldwatch Institute

Wikipedia: Conspicuous Consumption

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This is soooo important! How can we make it part of our lives - looking for solutions, or trade-offs, as economists say there are no solutions, just trade-offs?
How can we make it ubiquitous so that it penetrates our curriculum and government decision-making? Oh wait, it's already happening, in the worst but most powerful way. We are in an economic crisis right now, and we are less likely to contribute to that ever important arrow of consumption. However, this doesn't address the labor rights, does it, nor does it affect the presence of chemicals or cutting of trees... I guess more work to do there, huh? But it might address the happiness - as counterintuitive as it looks, economic crises may make us value more of what we have - and what can't be simply purchased at a retail store, like family, good health, spending time together. What do you think?