Monday, May 11, 2009

Featuring the Work of Paula Vigue

Today we are featuring the work of Paula Vigue of Winslow Junior High School. Paula is a second year teacher who came to teaching after a first career in the business world. Her enthusiasm for teaching science shines through in her moodle pages and blog posts.

Paula explained to me that the moodle page was started a few years ago by her mentor, Gene Roy, and that she has added, deleted, and modified resources and activities since that time. Her blog was started during a course at the UMO Maine Technology Institute.

She would also like to add that she has been fortunate enough to have some wonderful professors, most from Thomas College, a very supportive staff at WJHS, friends, and a supportive family (her boys are the ones that talked her into teaching). Without them, and the "listserve" that has provided many ideas and links to look at, she says she would not be where she is today.

Paula states:
"The most important part... the students. They make the teaching all worth while. I want to make learning fun and engaging for them so that they will want to continue learning. The smiles and the "aha" moments when students finally understand something is such a reward. A teacher at Karlsruhe American High School in Germany was the person that got me into the "I want to continue learning" mode. He was the first teacher I had that really made me enjoy learning. I still love to learn myself, and every day has a learning experience for me."

It's always a delight to see good use of free tools by an enthusiastic classroom teacher.

Winslow Junior High Moodle Front Page

WJHS Noteshare Server

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