Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ignite Presentations

A part of the cure for powerpointlessness?

A presentation with 20 slides automatically advancing every 15 seconds

IGNiTe YouTube Channel

Slideshow Resources at LIM


Poll - Email Scripot said...
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Web Design Chennai said...
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Hmmm... I guess previous comments are spam. Which means that Learning in Maine Blog is getting "wicked" popular! Or just got on those guys' radar.
Anyhow, I liked the first ignite presentation. I also think that showing that one to the kids and then challenging them to share a passion of their own would be amazing, and in fact, I am going to do this in my trainings should anyone make the mistake of requesting to learn more about a presentation software title training... Aha!
Great resources, Jim.
I know that Cynthia and Barbara from MLTI had a visualization workshop during the MLTI Summer Institute in Castine. They have a notebook - don't know how easily available it is - but that might make a nice addition to the post. (Ignore this if you have it as one of your resources on your LIM resources wiki).

Jim Burke said...

Thanks, Olga. I'll try to locate Cynthia and Barbara's notebook. . .see if it is available online.