Friday, October 2, 2009

Featuring Stephen Downes, Our Neighbor to the North (Ooops, East)

Stephen's Web
Half an Hour Blog
"Connectivism for Dummies"
Wikipedia: Stephen Downes


Downes said...

Actually you check the map, you'll find that my location (in Moncton, new Brunswick) makes me your neighbour to the east! :)

It's still very nice of you to introduce me to your readers.

Jim Burke said...

Can't put anything past you, Stephen! :) Actually, believe it or not, the thought came to mind while I was driving down the highways of Western Maine today. Thanks for correcting my glaring error. Truth be told, I have this strange magical thinking that all of Canada is North of me . . . even when looking at a map!

I DO appreciate following your work. There are times you lose me, but I have to say I appreciate the mental work-out.

Warm regards,